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I’m tired of worrying about my health

What’s my specific health problem anyways? Doctors tell me it’s all in my head. I’m a hypochondriac. I worry about things that probably aren’t even affecting me. Yes, I’m a bit paranoid.

I’ve bought into just about every possible new age product at some point.

Crystals? Done it. (I’m not saying they don’t work.. but I didn’t notice any improvement)
Electronic devices? I have plenty of them. They each do different things but did they help me? Hard to say.

One of my favorite devices right now is the Denas PCM. It’s very good for pain. It lets you select different frequencies. I’m no stranger to frequency machines, let me tell you. I own a Rife machine, an infrared machine, a brainwave stimulation device and many more. The brainwave device I own is called the SOTA Bio Tuner Model BT9. They’re both similar, but if I had to pick one I’d pick the Denas PCM. It can do brainwave frequencies since it’s programmable, and if you get the conductive pads you can use it on your forehead. I’ll make a video soon going into detail about both these devices.

The paranoia has caused me to research some things that most people will never bother to type into a search engine. You probably shouldn’t research health symptoms if you’re like me. You should just go see a doctor and hear it from him (or her). I’ve gone so many times to the doctor and the diagnosis was always the same for me. Depression and anxiety.

So what then, it’s all in my head? I’m not so sure anymore. If the spine isn’t working correctly, that can lead to all sorts of problems. It’s the nervous system. In my case there are some problems with the spine that haven’t been looked at closely enough. I’ve had to do my own research.

I eventually got an MRI done on the head, neck and upper part of the spine. The doctors tell me there’s nothing really wrong with me, but that there is a slight problem with the T10 vertebra. I’ve been also diagnosed with dystonia, which is a fancy word for crooked neck. It’s not a huge problem but I’ve always had a sense that the spine and nervous system was responsible for many of my problems.

I admit that my diet could be better and that I could exercise more. I’m not the most active person. I drink too much coffee. I should probably work on addressing those issues.

What about relationships? Can those affect health? Absolutely. Emotions play a huge role in your overall health.

Sleep is another major factor in your overall health. If we don’t get the proper sleep, our bodies aren’t able to repair themselves. Rest and rejuvenation go hand in hand. Some of the medication I’ve tried has caused more problems than solutions. I know that now, but at the time I started taking them I thought I was doing myself a favor. It turns out that doctors don’t know everything. You need to research things yourself thoroughly. You’re the best person for that job, not your doctor. Sure, you can get your doctor’s input. I would recommend it in fact. But also talk to your pharmacist – they often know more about drugs than the doctor. Most importantly, do your own research online.

This is the age of information. You don’t have to rely on one particular source for your information. Dig. Look around. Seek out others with the same issues and see what worked for them. There is rarely a one size fits all solution to any problem. That’s why you need to consider all your health factors.

Getting back to the importance of sleep, I already know that I’m sleeping too close to my electronic devices such as my cell phone and bluetooth speaker. I like to listen to white noise as I’m falling asleep – but the proximity of the devices makes it too tempting to check my messages in the middle of the night.

What about the electromagnetic fields from the devices? This is another thing that concerns me. The effects of electromagnetic fields on sleep are well documented but not many doctors know about them. Sure, they’ll you about the blue light and that you should avoid screen time before bed. This is a sensible recommendation. But what about the magnetic fields?

I became interested in blocking out the magnetic fields a few years ago. Here’s a video I made that shows what it takes to completely block out the signal. You might try a hoodie that attenuates EMF, but as I showed in the video it takes quite a bit to block out the EMF fully. You can also build a Faraday tent using radio blocking fabric.

I’ll keep trying new things because I’m open minded and I know that nobody has all the answers. Bookmark this page for updated information. You can also stay up to date by entering your email below:

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Q interpretations: Q clock demystified

Q is not very complicated to figure out, but the true meaning is buried beneath layers of fantasy and role playing.

Q is the president of the United States. (Or someone extremely close to him) There. Easy enough, isn’t it?

Of all the confusing evidence, nothing is more convoluted that the “Q clock”. I first heard about it in the fall cabal video series. I was fascinated, but I wanted more information on the origin of the clock. The clues that led to the creation of said clock were vague. There seed to be pretty heavy use of creative liberty.

Some of you may have read my previous post regarding the Q posts and word frequency analysis. It’s frustrating as a researcher being told repeatedly to “go read the posts”. No one had a clear answer to give me. You can search for all the references to the word clock by using this link:

The simplest explanation is most often correct. In this case, let’s look at two cryptic phrases used by Q.

1) Line up the markers
What are the markers? A few posts mention markers. They are in my opinion the time stamps of the Q drops. Q is trying to tell us to pay attention to the TIME.

2) Think mirror. An overly complex explanation of this is provided by proponents of the Q clock theory, using diving lines across the clock face. However, much more simple explanation exists: The president’s tweet when lined up with the markers MIRROR the content of the drop.

Proof. Q talks about proofs more than once. These proofs are quite simply time based proofs that mirror the president’s future tweet. (Future proves past).

So what about the clock? As much you might want to believe in an elaborate time traveler’s clock, a simple explanation makes much more sense! I’m not ruling out time travel just yet but I do urge caution when coming to conclusions. Let’s also remember another quintessential Q point: “Disinformation is necessary.”


Les accents français sur les claviers anglais

Le e accent aigu est sans doute l’accent le plus connu. Mais où est-il sur le clavier de mon Lenovo Think Pad 11e ? Je pourrais tapper ALT+0233 – c’est ce que vous allez me conseiller, n’est ce pas? mais il n’y a pas de clavier numérique sur cet ordi – donc ça ne marche pas du tout. Que faire?

Après quelques semaines de recherche et de frustrations, je vous présente ici une solution que je n’hésiterai pas à décrire comme élégante. Il s’agit du logiciel AutoHotKey . Ceci nous permet de programmer des combinaisons de touches sur notre clavier à notre gré pour créer les accents que nous voulons utiliser. Pour notre e accent aigu fameux, j’ai choisi CTRL+e . Facile, non?

Il faut faire attention par contre. Certaines combinaisons sont déjà prises par le logiciel d’écriture. Par exemple CTRL+B qui fait “bold” et CTRL+i qui fait que le texte soit en italique. Mais on peut faire toute sorte d’autre choses. Par exemple on peut utiliser la touche ALT, ou même des abréviations. Disons, “eacc” – version courte d’accent”. Plusieurs combinaisons sont possibles. Il faut simplement un peu d’imagination. Sans plus tarder, sautons dans le code:

;e accent aigui
Send {U+E9}

;E accent aigui
Send {U+C9}

;e accent grave
Send {U+E8}

;e accent circonflex
Send {U+EA}

;e tréma
Send {U+EB}

;a accent grave
Send {U+E0}

;A accent grave
Send {U+E0}

Comme vous pouvez constater, j’ai pris le CTRL+a pour faire l’a accent grave. Mais les utilisateurs de Windows savent très bien que c’est déjà la combinaison pour “Select All”. Alors, il faut choisir ce que vous préférez. Pour moi, c’est plus facile comme ça. Si je veux faire “select All”, j’appuie au lieu sur le boutton de la droite sur la souris et je fais ma sélection du menu secondaire.

Comme vous pouvez voir, j’ai choisi le R, T et Y pour les autres accents sur mes e. Pourquoi? Parce qu’ils sont en ordre d’utilisation et je m’en souvient facilement. Le é c’est le plus commun, suivi par le è, ensuite le ê et finalement le ë. On le voit seulement à Noël, celui-là.

Modifiez les paramètres du programme comme vous désirez. Ensuite, sauvez ceci avec Notepad et nommez le fichier “accent.ahk”. Une fois que vous lancer le programme, il restera en mémoire. Pour re-lancer le programme, appuyer le boutton secondaire de la souris sur l’Icon d’Ahk dans le menu des taches de Windows. Vous verrez l’option de relancer le programme.

À la bonne écriture!


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Q Posts Decoded Using Word Frequency Analysis

Using Python and the NLTK library (Natural Language Tool Kit) I analyzed all of Q’s posts up to May 16th 2020. I wanted to see which words were used the most often and which phrases come back more than once. I think you will find it quite interesting.

Here are the top 11 relevant words in Q’s posts:

Q (4735 times)
POTUS (513 times)
Think (487 times)
people (339)
about (326 times)
more (279 times)
been (214 times)
believe (203 times)
against (201 times)
FAKE (173 times)
NEWS (169 times)

And just for good measure, WWG1WGA!!! (99 times)

You probably noticed I’m not counting the stop words. Stop words are words such as I, you, is, can, be, etc. Stop words are generally ignored in natural language processing. I kept them intact for this exercise but I did not use them in the top 11 words. You’ll also notice that I kept the capital letters. Normally text is converted to all lowercase before doing analysis, (normalization) but because so much meaning is placed on little details such as capitalization, I left it intact. Let’s run the code again but this time we will include the line lower_text = data.lower() from the second part of the code below. Let’s see what it gives us.

q (4737 times)
have (648 times)
think (601 times)
potus (523 times)
people (456 times)
news (384 times)
public (292 times)
being (265 times)
fake (226 times)
believe (217 times)
against (216 times)

Now we’re getting somewhere. It’s clear from this analysis so far that the words POTUS and THINK are the most frequently used words.
In this next part, we will look at complete sentences or groups of words that re-appear in the text. We will use normalization for this analysis since we want to know the subject of the words. We won’t concern ourselves with capitalization in the next part and we’ll normalize the entire text to lower case first.

Some of the top 13 word phrases used in Q’s posts are:
What has been said about the US military? The speech yesterday verified and…. (and unlocked so much).
News in all forms unlocks the map. Expand your thinking. The great awakening.
for our struggle is not against flesh and blood but against the rulers…
the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil…
be strong in the lord and his almighty power. Put on the full (armor of god)…

This is using groups of 13 words. As you can see below, these phrases keep coming back again and again in various forms.

Let’s look at a few more groups of words. First, let’s look at some of the top groups of 3 words together:
Why is this (158 times)
Is this relevant? (144 times)
Do you believe (139 times)
Believe in coincidences? (106 times)
These people are (104 times)
more than you (70 times)
have more than (57 times)
the great awakening (54 times)
the fake news (54 times)
future proves past (46 times)

and for good measure:
trust the plan (37 times)
fake news media (36 times)
not a game (35 times)
enjoy the show (24 times)

Let’s keep it going with groups of 4 words. Here are some of the top groups of 4 words:
Why is this relevant? (141 times)
Do you believe in (109 times)
you believe in coincidences (106 times)
more than you know (65 times)
have more than you (55 times)
of the united states (42 times)
these people are stupid (40 times)
this is not a (40 times)
not good enough – (impeach potus) (36 times)
enjoy the show. q (32 times)
president of the united (29 times)
the great awakening. q (29 times)
the fake news media (29 times)
full armor of god (20 times)

Ok. So where does that leave us? It leaves us with a general knowledge of what Q is trying to say (in my humble opinion). Here is the condensed version of the recurring themes:
1) POTUS and united states military. This is a recurring subject in many forms.
2) You have more than you know. Whatever this means, it seems important.
3) Do you believe in coincidences?
4) Put on the full armor of God
5) The fake news media
6) We have it all

These are fragments of text that keep showing up. I think the 13 word groupings analysis gives some good hints about how to proceed. It’s clear that yesterday’s speech is important. Q says a few times that you need to connect the markers and that news in all forms unlocks the map. It’s quite clear to me that these messages are the most important bits since they keep repeating. What does it mean exactly? I don’t know. I plan to analyze this further.

I hope you enjoyed this analysis. If you would like to preform your own analysis using Python and NLTK, I have provided the source code below.

Here is the python code to extract the text from the webpage:

import codecs
def remove_html_tags(text):
    """Remove html tags from a string"""
    import re
    clean = re.compile('<.*?>')
    return re.sub(clean, '', text)

from bs4 import BeautifulSoup
with open("posts.html", encoding="utf-8", errors="ignore") as f:
	data =
	soup = BeautifulSoup(data, 'html.parser')
	post_list = soup.findAll("div", {"class": "dont-break-out"})
	for post in post_list:
		text_file =,mode='a',encoding='utf-8', errors='ignore')

Once the text is extracted and separated from the HTML, you can use this code to do your own frequency analysis:

import nltk
with open ("qposts.txt", "r", encoding="utf-8", errors="ignore") as myfile:'\n', ' ')
lower_text = data.lower()
data = lower_text.split(' ')
fdist1 = nltk.FreqDist(data)
#Use the command below to print single words
#print (fdist1.most_common(200))
#The next section is used to analyze groups of words 
from nltk import ngrams, FreqDist
all_counts = dict(fdist1)
for size in 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13:
    all_counts[size] = FreqDist(ngrams(data, size))
#Change the number 13 to any number from the list above

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Thank you! Where we go one, we go all!
– Dan Joseph

Short Stories

The Urn

Like a vulture swooping down on a dead carcass, I dove into the world of locker auctions. It seemed not only fun, but profitable. What could possibly go wrong? My mother and I had enjoyed going to auctions in the past and this was the next level. Storage wars was a popular show at the time. All I had to do was outsmart the other bidders and I’d make off with a pile of money. Right? Maybe it was just bad luck. Maybe it was providence – God, if you will, teaching me that this wasn’t the life path I was meant to take.

Indeed, I outsmarted the other bidders. I was good at it. The trick is to interrupt the pattern that the other bidders are used to. In NLP it’s called a pattern interrupt, but don’t let the complicated nomenclature fool you. All it means is taking people by surprise; catching them off guard. Using a combination of these psychological tricks I won the locker. I was ecstatic – but it would soon turn into a nightmare.

This dog eat dog world showed me it’s true colors that day. I was determined to succeed at any cost. The price was almost my sanity. I asked a lot from my friends and family that day and I still owe them a debt of gratitude.

We dug through piles of clothes and furniture. It was complete crap. We’d be lucky to make our money back. After the truck rental and the hard work, there’s no way this was going to be worth it. But wait – what was that, tucked away in the corner? A box with a mysterious vase beckoned for a closer look. I brought it out into the light. To my dismay, it was not gold or jewels. It was in fact the remains of a deceased person.

What was it doing here? It didn’t make sense to me. Why would someone leave an urn filled with the cremated remains of a loved one? The reality of the situation started to sink in. Maybe someone abandoned the urn. Maybe someone meant to take it, and it was left behind. Maybe I outbid the family who was trying to reclaim their property (This wasn’t the case).

The tragic story of this family was well documented within the storage locker. Boxes filled with memories and photographs. Toys, clothes and personal belongings told us more than we wanted to know. Curiosity got the best of us and we began to absorb the tragic details. At this point we just wanted to get the hell out of there and abandon the locker. We opted to lose our deposit and let the storage company clean it out. They were not happy and even attempted to charge us an additional fee. Me being who I am, I would not have any of that. A shouting match ensued between me and the manager. He was going to charge our credit card for damage on the truck we rented. Why? Because he didn’t want to clean out the locker. Even though we had left a cash deposit of 100$, he felt that the locker along with the furniture inside would cost him more than 100$ to clean up. Sorry, but that’s not my problem. He should have thought of that before the auction. Apparently this was a first for him. I told him I would take him to court for fraudulent charges on the card if he proceeded. Since the truck was in the same condition as it was when we rented it, I started taking pictures. After he called his boss, who then called the owner, they ended up getting stuck with all that the crap furniture left in the locker. Not my problem. The urn, on the other hand, called to me. I phoned the police to ask about this situation. They told me the urn would get thrown out into the trash if I didn’t take it along with me. They said this kind of thing was something that happened every now and then.

Urns get abandoned in storage lockers. Apparently that’s a thing, because it’s cheaper than a burial plot. Who knows what really happened. All I knew now was that if I didn’t handle this properly I wouldn’t feel right. So I took the urn home with me. I was deeply uncomfortable with it, but I knew this temporary discomfort would be NOTHING compared to the guilt I would inevitably face if I allowed this person to be discarded in the trash. Unacceptable, I thought to myself. That is NOT how we treat the dead. The callous and cold reality of the storage locker auction business was hitting me hard. It was hitting my mother hard. We were emotionally involved now- which is not what you’re “supposed” to do. But that’s the problem with the world. We disconnect ourselves emotionally to make money. It’s just business, as they say. Nothing personal.

There was one more thing that was with the urn – a bracelet. I don’t think it was very valuable. Even if it was, I would have returned it along with the urn. They went together. Something inside me just knew that the bracelet belonged to the deceased. The rest of the belongings, I did not keep. I wanted to bring closure to this. I took the decision to incinerate the rest of the personal belongings, and try and track down the family.

After a few Google searches, I was able to find the obituary.

I am very fortunate that I had access to a terrific counselor at the time. She had connections with a few community Elders who would be able to assist me in returning the urn to where it belonged.

A few days later, I received a call from one of the Elders. He wanted me to meet with the deceased woman’s daughter and return the urn. This was too much for me. I could not face her. I felt tremendous guilt for my involvement in the buying and selling of this locker. How could I explain to someone that I bid a few hundred dollars for her family’s belongings? Would she even want the urn? This was too much.

There was no judgement from the Elder. He understood how difficult this was for me. We made an arrangement to meet at the remand center where he worked as a counselor. The urn was now in his care. There was a sense of closure, a sense of peace. My career in locker auctions ended as soon as it started. I’m glad it’s over. I don’t regret learning this powerful lesson.

Buying and selling objects is something I continued to do in various ways, each time learning new lessons. These lessons taught me what is the most valuable thing in my life – a clean conscience and a sense of honor. I’m not a good salesman. I have a hard time convincing someone they need something when I know they really don’t. I have a hard time charging more than what I paid for something. I have a hard time charging for my services and collecting money. Humanity is wrapped up in this illusion that charging more for something than what it’s worth is a good thing. We reward it, we encourage it, we pat each other on the back. We justify taking profit during times of crisis. There is an acceptable exchange that can take place. But don’t be fooled by economic theories of supply and demand. Greed is at the heart of it all.

Short Stories

The Bartender’s Bitch

She walked her over to the bar with a bitchy look on her face. The kind of look that says “You are beneath me.” She veered away from my gaze, placing her order with the other bartender. She’s all smiles, but years of people watching have left me with the difficult truth that most people are full of shit. She was filled with hatred and malice, the kind that could surface at any moment in a rage-filled psychotic break. I’d put her in her place with a fake smile of my own. The kind of smile that reciprocates : “you’re a bitch and you don’t want to acknowledge me, but now you want something from me, so please don’t be such a bitch.”

I’m actually pretty pleasant, but the subtle layers of my sarcasm are clearly visible to the trained eye. One slight eyebrow raised. The small, but noticeable delay in my pour. The way I gaze towards the tip jar when you demand something.

Most people – 99% of people have a lot of respect for the guy – or girl behind the bar. They understand something that’s generally left unspoken. That thing – is the fact that when you’re intoxicated, you’re paying me to keep my mouth shut. Professional bartenders will confirm this unspoken agreement. You can be a jackass if you tip. You can say stupid shit – up to a point. But that point gets further and further away the more money you put into the jar.

One time a well known gangster dropped 100$ bill in the jar. He was already drunk but he wanted one more. He could barely walk. I was supposed to cut him off at this point, not let him drink. Without saying a word, the 100$ bill made a profound argument.

One time, a guy dropped a tenner into the jar, but later got himself kicked out for being too drunk. He wanted his money back. Not a chance, bud.

Back to the bitch. She knew me, but only from the middle of a conversation she stepped into one day. That day I wasn’t very neutral, and it’s important to be neutral if you want to make tips. I was opinionated and brutally honest about my thought and feelings on the government. She was the kind of nazi bitch that wanted to give more power to the state. A flag waiving, card carrying member of the party. She would make her opinion well known to me, the lowly, uneducated bartender. That’s where she crossed the line, asking me which university I went to. I replied “I’m an auto-didact”. Her eyes widened as she processed the new word, pretending she knew what it meant. She inferred from the context that I only had my high school diploma. After all, she was an intelligent individual. “What the fuck do you know?”, she launched, as she motioned to her empty glass, ordering a refill.

The best revenge is served cold with ice cubes.

I made her a drink alright. This time there was one major difference. There was no alcohol in it. I poured surreptitiously under the counter, raising the bottle high above the visual threshold so she could see me handling the bottle. I created the illusion of a cocktail – a ghost cocktail. I floated it across the bar with a grin on my face. The irony was that she thought she was in charge. In case you didn’t know, you can’t order the bartenders around. They’re not retail employees. If you’re consuming alcohol, you are under the care of the bartender or waiter. They decide if you can drink more or if you’ve had enough. That’s the deal.

The satisfaction of watching her consume a non alcoholic beverage was beyond description. She had no idea it was a ghost cocktail. Granted, I can’t do this with beer or shots. The ghost cocktail is especially useful for people who aren’t regular drinkers. It’s more difficult to pull off with seasoned drinkers. For this, you have to increase the deception. A touch of alcohol on the rim of the glass is all it takes to fool most drunks, but this is not something you should to do unless it’s an emergency. It should be reserved for the situations where the individual refuses to leave and your back is against the wall. To appease the drunk with “one last drink” before you call them a cab and ask them to leave.

It is rare that I’ve had to resort to these techniques, and if you’ve ever drank in my bar, you know that I love 99% of you guys 🙂 Cheers!

Short Stories

A Dangerous Brew

The yeast had taken control of his mind. He was now working for the yeast.

The new batch was especially potent. Maybe it was the blend of hops. Maybe the combination of Belgian yeasts was creating additional effects. Either way, he was pleased. The brew was a success and it was time to bottle it now. A little bit of CO2 and a hefty pull on the bottling machine’s arm is all it took to seal this particular liquid under glass.

“Where shall I go today?” he asked himself. The yeast answered: “SUGAR, NOW!”. The yeast spoke in simple commands. It decided where he would finally end up.

That day, his fate led him across town. A new type of sugary delight to eat would be his target. Twisted cinnamon scones dipped in frosted sprinkles with a dash of apple spice. The Dutch Oven bakery was the only place to get this particular treat.

Chimes jingled as the door opened, and the fateful collision of odors took place. As the brewer took interest in the overwhelming smells of the bakery, his own odor began drawing attention.

The baker took a long whiff of this new, intriguing and delicious yeasty odor. “It reminds me of home”, he said with a Dutch accent. “I must have a taste”, he continued, leaning in. Saliva was forming in his mouth. Unsuspecting, the brewer allowed it.

CHOMP. The brewer did not see it coming. He wanted to recoil in horror, but it was too late. The Dutchman was upon him. They wrestled to the ground with muffled screams. The Dutchman knew how to kill a man with his bare hands, and this was in part how he was able to knead dough so well.

The Dutchman regaled himself on the flesh of the brewer. He spoke to himself: “My origin, we are one again.” It took no more than 10 minutes for him to consume the entirety of the flesh, so delicious it was. The brewer was no more – but his yeast lived on.

“SUGAR, NOW!”, the yeast demanded. It had found a new host.


Ozone kills SARS

Corona discharge: High voltage electricity that creates ozone.

Some good news today. Ozone kills the SARS virus.

Several researchers have pointed out that the new coronavirus (COVID-19) is similar to SARS in it’s structure:

This new disease may be susceptible to ozone. What is ozone? It’s 3 atoms of oxygen: O3. I’ve also seen it called trioxygen. We all know that oxygen is O2, so what happens when we add another atom to make this new molecule? It becomes unstable and now has the ability to oxidize other molecules.

Oxidation is the process of sharing electrons, which can destabilize microorganisms.

Viruses are very delicate. They are threatening because once inside the body they replicate very fast. However, outside the body they can’t replicate. They can only live a short time. They are easily destroyed with simple chemicals.

Ozone is one of those chemicals. You are going to laugh at this next part, because it’s very ironic! Ozone generators use a high voltage spark gap to create ozone. What this looks like is a purple electric spark. You’ve seen this before. Any time high voltage is used you might smell ozone. What’s so funny about that? The name for this type of electrical discharge is… Corona discharge.

Corona discharge is a 4rth state of matter known as plasma. This plasma is electrically charged gas. The term for this is ionized gas. The high voltage electricity rips apart oxygen molecules (O2) into single oxygen atoms. The result is is a bunch of single O atoms, that eventually collide with O2 molecules and join it temporarily to create O3. O3 is unstable and eventually degrades to O2. This is known as the ozone-oxygen cycle.

How do you generate ozone? Many UV air filters will generate ozone as a byproduct of the UV light hitting the oxygen molecules. This won’t generate a lot of ozone. If you’re going to get an air filter I’d get one that also does HEPA. This will clean a room’s air but you’ll need something else if you want pure ozone.

Many ozone air generators can be purchased cheaply and they will do the job but you probably want to limit your use of this to sanitization.

Medical grade ozone is free from impurities and that’s what is used for some forms of alternative therapy. You can’t patent ozone gas since it exists naturally, everywhere.

It may not be the cure, but it could turn out to be an effective and less toxic form of prevention.

I don’t want to breathe pure ozone gas, but I will use it to sanitize bedspreads and freshen them up by putting them in a plastic bin along with the ozone generator for a few minutes.

I also gas my living area and leave for a walk. I turn the fan on to circulate the ozone gas. By the time I get back, the gas has dispersed and reacted with any potentially harmful airborne pathogens lurking about my apartment.