Q interpretations: Q clock demystified

Q is not very complicated to figure out, but the true meaning is buried beneath layers of fantasy and role playing.

Q is the president of the United States. (Or someone extremely close to him) There. Easy enough, isn’t it?

Of all the confusing evidence, nothing is more convoluted that the “Q clock”. I first heard about it in the fall cabal video series. I was fascinated, but I wanted more information on the origin of the clock. The clues that led to the creation of said clock were vague. There seed to be pretty heavy use of creative liberty.

Some of you may have read my previous post regarding the Q posts and word frequency analysis. It’s frustrating as a researcher being told repeatedly to “go read the posts”. No one had a clear answer to give me. You can search for all the references to the word clock by using this link:

The simplest explanation is most often correct. In this case, let’s look at two cryptic phrases used by Q.

1) Line up the markers
What are the markers? A few posts mention markers. They are in my opinion the time stamps of the Q drops. Q is trying to tell us to pay attention to the TIME.

2) Think mirror. An overly complex explanation of this is provided by proponents of the Q clock theory, using diving lines across the clock face. However, much more simple explanation exists: The president’s tweet when lined up with the markers MIRROR the content of the drop.

Proof. Q talks about proofs more than once. These proofs are quite simply time based proofs that mirror the president’s future tweet. (Future proves past).

So what about the clock? As much you might want to believe in an elaborate time traveler’s clock, a simple explanation makes much more sense! I’m not ruling out time travel just yet but I do urge caution when coming to conclusions. Let’s also remember another quintessential Q point: “Disinformation is necessary.”

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