Ozone kills SARS

Corona discharge: High voltage electricity that creates ozone.

Some good news today. Ozone kills the SARS virus.

Several researchers have pointed out that the new coronavirus (COVID-19) is similar to SARS in it’s structure:

This new disease may be susceptible to ozone. What is ozone? It’s 3 atoms of oxygen: O3. I’ve also seen it called trioxygen. We all know that oxygen is O2, so what happens when we add another atom to make this new molecule? It becomes unstable and now has the ability to oxidize other molecules.

Oxidation is the process of sharing electrons, which can destabilize microorganisms.

Viruses are very delicate. They are threatening because once inside the body they replicate very fast. However, outside the body they can’t replicate. They can only live a short time. They are easily destroyed with simple chemicals.

Ozone is one of those chemicals. You are going to laugh at this next part, because it’s very ironic! Ozone generators use a high voltage spark gap to create ozone. What this looks like is a purple electric spark. You’ve seen this before. Any time high voltage is used you might smell ozone. What’s so funny about that? The name for this type of electrical discharge is… Corona discharge.

Corona discharge is a 4rth state of matter known as plasma. This plasma is electrically charged gas. The term for this is ionized gas. The high voltage electricity rips apart oxygen molecules (O2) into single oxygen atoms. The result is is a bunch of single O atoms, that eventually collide with O2 molecules and join it temporarily to create O3. O3 is unstable and eventually degrades to O2. This is known as the ozone-oxygen cycle.

How do you generate ozone? Many UV air filters will generate ozone as a byproduct of the UV light hitting the oxygen molecules. This won’t generate a lot of ozone. If you’re going to get an air filter I’d get one that also does HEPA. This will clean a room’s air but you’ll need something else if you want pure ozone.

Many ozone air generators can be purchased cheaply and they will do the job but you probably want to limit your use of this to sanitization.

Medical grade ozone is free from impurities and that’s what is used for some forms of alternative therapy. You can’t patent ozone gas since it exists naturally, everywhere.

It may not be the cure, but it could turn out to be an effective and less toxic form of prevention.

I don’t want to breathe pure ozone gas, but I will use it to sanitize bedspreads and freshen them up by putting them in a plastic bin along with the ozone generator for a few minutes.

I also gas my living area and leave for a walk. I turn the fan on to circulate the ozone gas. By the time I get back, the gas has dispersed and reacted with any potentially harmful airborne pathogens lurking about my apartment.

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