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I’m tired of worrying about my health

What’s my specific health problem anyways? Doctors tell me it’s all in my head. I’m a hypochondriac. I worry about things that probably aren’t even affecting me. Yes, I’m a bit paranoid.

I’ve bought into just about every possible new age product at some point.

Crystals? Done it. (I’m not saying they don’t work.. but I didn’t notice any improvement)
Electronic devices? I have plenty of them. They each do different things but did they help me? Hard to say.

One of my favorite devices right now is the Denas PCM. It’s very good for pain. It lets you select different frequencies. I’m no stranger to frequency machines, let me tell you. I own a Rife machine, an infrared machine, a brainwave stimulation device and many more. The brainwave device I own is called the SOTA Bio Tuner Model BT9. They’re both similar, but if I had to pick one I’d pick the Denas PCM. It can do brainwave frequencies since it’s programmable, and if you get the conductive pads you can use it on your forehead. I’ll make a video soon going into detail about both these devices.

The paranoia has caused me to research some things that most people will never bother to type into a search engine. You probably shouldn’t research health symptoms if you’re like me. You should just go see a doctor and hear it from him (or her). I’ve gone so many times to the doctor and the diagnosis was always the same for me. Depression and anxiety.

So what then, it’s all in my head? I’m not so sure anymore. If the spine isn’t working correctly, that can lead to all sorts of problems. It’s the nervous system. In my case there are some problems with the spine that haven’t been looked at closely enough. I’ve had to do my own research.

I eventually got an MRI done on the head, neck and upper part of the spine. The doctors tell me there’s nothing really wrong with me, but that there is a slight problem with the T10 vertebra. I’ve been also diagnosed with dystonia, which is a fancy word for crooked neck. It’s not a huge problem but I’ve always had a sense that the spine and nervous system was responsible for many of my problems.

I admit that my diet could be better and that I could exercise more. I’m not the most active person. I drink too much coffee. I should probably work on addressing those issues.

What about relationships? Can those affect health? Absolutely. Emotions play a huge role in your overall health.

Sleep is another major factor in your overall health. If we don’t get the proper sleep, our bodies aren’t able to repair themselves. Rest and rejuvenation go hand in hand. Some of the medication I’ve tried has caused more problems than solutions. I know that now, but at the time I started taking them I thought I was doing myself a favor. It turns out that doctors don’t know everything. You need to research things yourself thoroughly. You’re the best person for that job, not your doctor. Sure, you can get your doctor’s input. I would recommend it in fact. But also talk to your pharmacist – they often know more about drugs than the doctor. Most importantly, do your own research online.

This is the age of information. You don’t have to rely on one particular source for your information. Dig. Look around. Seek out others with the same issues and see what worked for them. There is rarely a one size fits all solution to any problem. That’s why you need to consider all your health factors.

Getting back to the importance of sleep, I already know that I’m sleeping too close to my electronic devices such as my cell phone and bluetooth speaker. I like to listen to white noise as I’m falling asleep – but the proximity of the devices makes it too tempting to check my messages in the middle of the night.

What about the electromagnetic fields from the devices? This is another thing that concerns me. The effects of electromagnetic fields on sleep are well documented but not many doctors know about them. Sure, they’ll you about the blue light and that you should avoid screen time before bed. This is a sensible recommendation. But what about the magnetic fields?

I became interested in blocking out the magnetic fields a few years ago. Here’s a video I made that shows what it takes to completely block out the signal. You might try a hoodie that attenuates EMF, but as I showed in the video it takes quite a bit to block out the EMF fully. You can also build a Faraday tent using radio blocking fabric.

I’ll keep trying new things because I’m open minded and I know that nobody has all the answers. Bookmark this page for updated information. You can also stay up to date by entering your email below:

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